Saturday, March 1, 2014

Feel not Smell

Sent 11/11/2013

Bon Jour tout le monde!

I've made it to yet another P Day. Everything is going great here so far. The Lord really helps those who are doing his work. The french is coming on slowly, but surely. I've been able to witness his hand in several people's lives, including my own.

This week honestly has been kinda boring, not going to lie. But I've come to realize that i'm not here for me. I will sometimes get really distracted during study time (it's very self regulated here. We are by ourselves a lot and its up to us to stay on task). the good thing is that i know that its worth it. When i teach the practice lessons with investigators, i feel really good inside, and i know that that's what i want to do. That is what gets me through the long hours in the classroom.

Funny story for the week,

When preparing for our lessons, we have to do a lot of research on how to say things en français. One word was Sentir, which we thought means to feel as in "feel the spirit". Which wasn't totally wrong, but we used it a lot, and it more directly translates to feel as in senses, especially as in to smell. So we had taught like 5 lessons telling Steven, our investigator, that when he prays, he will smell the spirit. haha its so good that it's just practice.

anyways, I love you all and have a good week

Je veux rendre mon témoinage a vous. Je sais que l'eglise est vrais, et que Dieu et Jésus-Christ nous aiment. Je vous aime, et je sais que les choses que je fais sont que Dieu veut me faire.

Elder Duckworth

P.s. i'm flying to San Fransisco tomorrow to visist the french consolate, so thats kinda cool.

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