Saturday, March 1, 2014

I have the best job in the world!

Sent 2/24/2014

Bonjour à tous!!!!

This was a great week here in Beautiful Annecy France. The sun is shining, the gospel is true, and I have the best job in the world! Life is good :)

This week was just a really solid week of missionary work. We got to see a lot of our area (our area is stinkin huge, in two transfers I have still yet to see all of it.). We visited this sweet Romanian family that the Sisters are teaching. The Mom was baptized about a month ago, and one of the daughters is working on quitting smoking so she can be baptized. They are the nicest people ever. They have been going through some really hard stuff, and satan has been working really hard to discourage them. The mom was going to have to be deported back to Romania, but through a lot of faith, prayer, and help from the ward, she found a job (which is super hard to do here) and is now able to live here for the time being. She is very new to the gospel, but her faith in Jesus Christ is inspiring. Apparently she got in an argument with a Jehova's Witness who came to their house, and she defended the Book of Mormon to him. :) really cool family and if I stay in Annecy next transfer, you'll hear a lot more from them.

We also found a couple of people to teach. We have appointments for this week, and we will keep our fingers crossed. So hopefully next week i'll have some good stories.

On sunday, we brought this little boy named N___ to church. He is 10, but hasnt been baptized. His mom is inactive and doesnt come to church. The Sisters meet with her a lot, and apparently one time, the boy kinda got mad at his mom because he wanted to go to church. We live really close to them, so we worked something out so we are going to walk with him to church every week :) He has such stong faith, and it was funny we were walking home, and he saw one of his friends who basically asked what the heck he was doing, and he just said "it's necissary, I go to church every sunday" sorry for the bad translation, but basically he just said it very matter of fact-ly. It was very profound, and it really stuck with me. It made me really appreciative for the fact that I get to go to church.

Last story, Yesterday, me and my companion had a tombez vous, so we had an extra hour of work to do that we hadn't planned on. So normally this means we go out street contacting or door to door. But admittedly, we were kinda tired of that, and had done a lot during the week with no success, so we decided to switch it up a bit. I took my ukulule out with us, and my companion is a great singer. We just walked up to people and said, "can we sing for you?" The very first try was a beautiful, young family of four. They said yes (I was kinda surprised how easy it was) So we performed "somewhere over the rainbow" and they loved it! and after that they were very sparked, and asked us loads of questions. Long story short, we are going to go do a family home evening at their house soon!!!!! It made me and my companinon very happy to say the least.

I love you all, and my little thought for you this week is that God loves us, and wants us to be happy. I firmly believe that we choose to be happy. Its not always easy, and life is going to be full of ups and downs. But I can promise from experience that we just need to look at the bright side of things. God has to teach me this lesson over and over again because I'm so stinkin stubborn, but everytime I'm happy after a hard time here on the mission, its not because circumstances have changed, but more rather that I changed.

You guys are great, Have a fantastic week!

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