Monday, March 3, 2014

Message for Jaysen's Talk

Jaysen was asked to speak a couple of weeks ago and to include how the gospel has changed his brothers life who is serving a mission. This was Kyle's response when asked.

"Hmmmm how the gospel has changed my life. I think since my short time here in France, I think the biggest thing is what it really means to have the restored gospel. Now that I am somewhere where lots of people haven't really heard about us, I get to see people's reactions to when we tell them things like there is a living prophet today, just like Moses, or how we have another book of scripture, that contains the fullness of the gospel of Christ. Its awesome to feel the spirit that is felt as I testify of the first vision, and how a humble 14 year old boy saw God and Jésus-Christ. I get to see the hope in people's eyes when we tell them that they can live with their families forever. The claims we make are bold, but they are true. I have grown immensly grateful for the knowledge of the restored gospel, and the peace it brings to my soul. And with this knowledge, comes a burning desire to share it with anyone who will listen. At times it is hard, but it is sooo worth it :)"

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