Saturday, March 1, 2014

France is amazing!

Sent 12/16/2013

bonjour tout la monde!

France is amazing! its good to finally be here

I dont have much time, but i just want to say that This is the lord's work. me and my companion are the first elders in a long time here in annecy, so we have a lot of work to do. since we didn't have the help of a previous companionship, we get to start from ground zero.

My quick thought is that small miricles happen all the time. i get to see them all the time.

Late one night me and my companion were walking to the store. it was dark, and i didnt really feel like talking to anybody. this Big african guy walked by and my companion stopped him. Long story short, the man bore a beautiful testimony about grace, and the savior right then and there on a street corner. Another night we were porting, and an old man let us in which rarely happens in france. he wqs atheist, but was kinda curious because he never heard of our church. we ended up talking for an hour, and basically gave him the whole first lesson. I was able to contribute with some gift of tongues business, and it was so cool.

anyways, i must go, but church is true

love elder duckworth

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