Saturday, March 1, 2014

Prayers are answered

Sent 1/20/2013

Bonjour mes amis!

This week was great! we had an appointment everyday! We met with a lot

of less actives and it was a good experience to meet all these new
people. We got transfer calls and i am staying here in annecy for
another transfer

We had a really cool story this week,

A few days ago we got back to the apartment after a long days work. We

had a lot of dissapointments that day and we were really tired. I
offered to make dinner while my comp Elder Heck made some calls.(im
getting good at cooking.) The calls were going nowhere and on the
last number we had we got an answering machine. But the story doesnt
stop there!

The last number we called which was a less active family called us

back 5 min later and said ok we need to tell you guys somethig. It
turns out that they were praying that night as a family before dinner.
In the prayer, the dad asked heavenly father for help with some trials
that they are going through. Right after he finished the prayer is
when we called. They didnt recognize the number, so they didnt answer
but as soon as they heard the message they called us back.

As it turns out, the family wants to start coming back to church, and

they have a 8 year old son that they want to be baptized!!! they are
going to have us over soon to teach the missionary lessons!!! It was
such a miracle, and it was very humbling to be the means by which the
Lord did a miracle.

Such a cool story

I love you guys and My little thought for this week is that prayers

are answered. Not always immediately, but they are.

Have a good week!

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