Monday, March 3, 2014

Missionary March Message

Missionary life is really awesome. We follow the normal schedule, so lots of studies in the morning. Then we get to fill the rest of the day however we want. We try to teach as much as possible. Whether that is through people we have found through our contacting efforts, less active members, or active families, Everybody needs to hear the beautiful message of the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. When we dont have people to teach, we are looking for people to teach. We try to talk to everybody we come in contact with on the street, as well as we do the whole door to door thing. It can be hard at times, and it's definately not easy to talk to strangers. I am by nature a kind of shy person, and fear rejection from others. But I can tell you that I love being a missionary, and that includes doing door to door and street contacting! And that is thanks to the spirit. I feel the spirit the strongest as I am out giving all of my effort to try and bring others closer to Christ. We also get to do service a lot, which I love. It is one of the best ways to introduce people to the church. When people see us living what we teach, they become interested in what we have to say. We teach English class every thursday at the church, and we also volunteer at the French Equivelant of DI every week. There is never a dull moment. I cant even begin to tell you how much I laugh every day. This gospel is a gospel of happiness. I seriously love being a missionary, and even though it gets hard at times, I would not trade it for anything in the whole world... not even a Jetpack.

Now as for what you could do to prepare for a mission, there are a zillion different things that I could tell you, but you will probably forget everything, so I narrowed it down a bit. The first thing is to read Preach my Gospel. I know that it's not very original, and youve heard it a thousand times, but its true. It was written by inspired men of God, and it is basically the guidebook to be a perfect missionary. The other thing that I feel is important, is to just strengthen your testimony as much as possible. Your testimony is the most powerfull thing a missionary can use. I have talked to people who think that they have everything figured out, and that they don't need God in their lives. And they use modern day "facts" to try and disprove what I know to be true. But as I bear testimony, the spirit comes, and there is no arguing with that. So I guess I just invite you to continue what you're doing. Stay active in the church, go to seminary, participate in youth activities, you know the list. It sounds simple, but if you arrive at your mission already having a firm testimony, there is seriously nothing that can stop you.

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