Saturday, March 1, 2014

Live your life for others

Sent 1/27/2014


This week was really great!

Not a whole lot of "action" but I just love doing this work, and although it does get really rough at times, i would honestly not have it any other way. I'm learning so much about myself, and about our savior and his love for us. Just in case any of you don't know it, God loves you :)

We had our lesson with our less active family and it went so well. Branch President Demure came with us, and it just went well. Their little boy had out his book of mormon picture book and asked if he could sit by me :) so adorable. But he already has is mind made up and wants to be baptised :) The family is basically just waiting on the dad. He has a killer testimony, and does so much for his familly. He just wants to make sure that he comes back to church for the right reasons. We will be meeting with them soon and they have commited to read the Book of Mormon together :)

If i were to give you all a summary of what i learned this week, it would be to try and live your life for others. I was going through a rough patch (as missionaries do) and things were just not going anywhere. But I thought of how Christ lived his life. He was always serving, and something i hadnt quite though of before is that he IMMEDIATELY forgave. As I have tried to apply these principles in my daily life our work has gone a zillion times better. Im far from perfect, but all the Lord asks from us is our effort and his grace is sufficient for the rest :)

I love you all, and i have felt your prayers. It sounds weird, but its true. I pray for you too and hope all goes well :)

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