Monday, December 29, 2014

Conference Weekend

Originally sent on October 6, 2014

Hello everyone! I hope that you were all able to enjoy conference this last weekend as much as i did! we are so lucky to live in a time where God has given us his chosen servants to teach us and guide us through these troubled times. I was definately strengthened, and am really excited to apply the things that I have learned. This Gospel is true!!!

This was a really cool week for us. It started out slow, and we got lost a few times, but by the end some really cool miracles happened. A less active lady just wandered into the church on saturday. She is from Paris and hasnt had contact with the church since moving here. She has a family that are all non members, and we are going over to their house to help them this tuesday! :D we also found an old ami that had kinda just lost contact but was really excited to meet with us again and agreed to see us a few times this week. We also have a tahitian (polynesian) kid from english class that we played basketball with and this week we are going to teach him and meet his family. We also have a member who's wife isn't a member and she came to church the past few weeks and we are going to see them this friday, and they are also inviting their neighbor over to ask us questions. We also had a member introduce us to his friend this week. We also have 2-3 members we are working with who have specific names that they are trying to introduce us to. It has been discouraging to work so hard and see no immediate results, but after We stepped back and looked at it we are so pumped for this next week.

This week I have been really focused on trying to become more like Christ. I have been studying the life, teachings, and attributes of Christ, and making a real effort to try and apply these things in my life. I have been told on a few occasions that as a missionary I need to "become" the message. If I can try my best to give a good representation of a disciple of Christ, I am confident that these actions will speak much louder than words. Christ did so much for us. He lived and died 100 percent for us. The way he lived his life with love and compassion for his fellow man, the way he taught, the way he consecrated everything unto the father, is the perfect example that I would invite all of us to strive to emulate. In doing so, I know that we will become better, happier people that the Lord will be able to use to accomplish miracles.

I love you all lots, and I mean it. Have a great week!

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